Delivering IT for Business

Is your customers' journey from inspiration to support smooth & rewarding?

Whether it's targeting businesses by postcode and industry sector off-line or people by affinity group and search terms on-line, we have the expertise to reach out & engage.  Using our experience of promotions & incentives you can successfully tantalise and trade to new & existing customers.

Persistent Objects is your local IT/Marketing consultancy. Delivering high impact, easy to use, secure and scalable applications built on a solid architectural and database foundation for blue chip companies, SMEs and individuals - ensuring you're ahead for your customers & meeting their expectations of finding and interacting more with your business.

Small businesses that make use of the web are growing twice as fast as those that aren’t on the web.  See how we can help your business grow and contact us now to make it happen.

Mobile & responsive web design and development engaging users with a great experience in today's internet. With the marketing flair to deliver business goals.

Offering a glimpse into how some of our clients are benefiting from their web presence, these mini case studies show how surfacing data, co-ordinating campaigns and making things easier and transparent for everyone involved leads to better and more profitable engagement.

These technical articles are offered in the hope they may be useful.

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