Absolute Prague

Absolute Prague case studyAbsolute Prague, an independent firm, offering affordable, quality accommodation in the
Golden City of Prague.

Although successful, Absolute Prague are acutely aware of their reliance on global players who are now dominating most industries. Wanting to take more control of their marketing, bookings, increase their occupancy and repeat business, they naturally turned to Persistent Objects an independent firm who understands their business and with experience integrating businesses into today's web.

Building on their excellent customer service, where they naturally get lots of repeat business, we were able to help them increase the value from their customer base by strengthening their brand and extending it throughout their locations.  By reviewing all their customers' touch points we were able to identify and increase the value of these opportunities to remind them of the benefits and excellent value of using Absolute Prague for their accommodation, and to extend it further thus increasing both repeat business and referrals.

Their website is more engaging, offers an inviting experience to explore the apartments and ancillary services. It also offers a more streamlined booking experience that hooks into Google Analytics and so more effective at measuring and improving the effectiveness of their efforts. The greatest value, is the ongoing intelligence that is now available directly to them to effect continuous business improvement.

With a well architected engaging and informative, fully functional website integrated into their business, Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Absolute Prague are able to measure, respond and increase those activities that add value to their business.  Their customers get better value, and being more aware, are happier to share their experiences and return for more.

Websites increasingly need integrating into the core businesses they represent where they can then add significant value. After engaging Persistent Objects, Absolute Prague are better positioned to measure the return on their marketing spend more effectively, both direct and indirect so they are more responsive to the intelligence they receive and increase their customer value.

And if you're looking for a break, somewhere to stay or organising an event, then you know where to find the best places to stay in Prague.