Working with Persistent Objects

We are a small remote only project based consultancy in London. Using our expertise and creativity to deliver client focussed results maintaining good work-life balance through smarter working. Although every project is unique in many ways, they often have similar traits:

Client interviews are similar to staff/subcontractor ones, initially online and outcome based, they are assessing how good a fit each of us is for a project, how we work, and if we go ahead, what we expect from each other.

Although there is an increasing tendency to work in the cloud, having local development and test infrastructure offers unique advantages of flexibility and cost.

We believe in managing projects. Progress and status reports are best either as emails and/or conversations. We tend to avoid Slack / Teams except for specific project tasks to refrain from a tendency for micro managing.

Client meetings were often in person, less so now, but when they are it's usually at the client's premises, or a mutually convenient location. We usually meet in a cafe on the way to a client meeting.

Both pubs and hotels usually offer function rooms if there are enough of us and their tea and biscuits / coffee and cakes are usually delightful.

We're friendly and approachable so contact me today.