Mezzanine Bootstrap Banners - Bootstrap Carousel for Django's Mezzanine

Bootstrap carousel for Django, designed to quickly and easily manage attention grabbing banners that are compelling and effective with the same ease as ordinary Mezzanine pages without editing templates.


  • Django
  • Mezzanine
  • Bootstrap

Joomla version

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Making it easier to manage attention grabbing banners that are compelling and effective.

And it's open source!

Although spectacular home pages are truly special, sometimes you only need a great one.  Successful pages are those that either have compelling text with a Bootstrap Jumbotron or something more visual and attention grabbing with an animated Bootstrap Carousel.  With tight deadlines it is simple to create a compelling text based home page and then easily transition to a carousel without changing templates, it's easy to update them too.

Building on the strengths of Django, Mezzanine and Bootstrap, Mezzanine Bootstrap Banners offers a straightforward way of managing attention grabbing Bootstrap Carousels and compelling Bootstrap Jumbotrons for an easy to use Django Mezzanine based website.

To see the banners in action, visit

Quick start

  1. Install the app

  2. Add "mezzanine_bsbanners" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Add blocks menu item to admin menu (Optional):

        ("Content", (
  4. Run 'python migrate' to create the database models.


mezzanine-bsbanners are similar to django-flatblocks.

  1. Include bsbanners_tags in the template:

    {% load ... bsbanners_tags %}
  2. Insert block anywhere in the template:

    {% bsbanner "My Banner" %}
    {% bsbanner {block} %}
    {% bsbanner {block} "my_template.html" %}
    {% bsbanner {block} {template_name} %}

by Alan Hicks