Welcome to Roughcheck - The checklist with added intelligence.

A Joomla! extention

Purpose - Help new visitors to check/assess how their project/task can benefit from something, in this example the benefits of using a proven methodology to create a web project.

As the user completes an assessment they gain an understanding of the process, the aspects that make up the project, the tasks involved with any background information, the risks and rewards associated with each aspect.

Step 1 - Engagement

A guest user chooses "Web App Development" from the menu and is presented with a description of what the Roughcheck assessment aims to achieve and invites the user to take an assessment with a New Assessment button.

Step 2 - Starting an assessment

The user can then enter a title and description, for this example enter "Demo web app development assessment" as the title and "Demo web application development assessment description" as the description then click next.

Step 3 - Questions

The assessment is created using the previously entered details and the questions from the first topic, in this example "Goal centerd design" with a brief description, in this case describing the typical audience involved in this topic and the purpose of the questions.

Each question has a default Risk and Reward that can be changed and the user is invited to click Yes or No to the question.

In this example the first question "Have the things..." has FAQ and Glossary help to assist the user in understanding the question.

Just as a user might make notes on a paper checklist, by clicking the Notes button the user can enter any text.

When ready the user clicks Next to go to the next topic.

Step 4 - The Assessment report

When the last topic is presented, the next button takes the user to the Assessment report where they can see all the questions with additional information.

The report shows the user supplied title and description as well as the Roughcheck check title and description.

The assessment summary shows the total number of Confirmed, Potential and Mitigated/Avoided risks and rewards.

Roughcheck assessment responses details the topics, questions and user responses. The text following the question is in response to how the user answered the question.


After an assessment is created, a user can return to amend or complete it at a later stage by entering an assessment key, the user could use the assessment key to ask for feedback.

Once an assessment is created the user can amend the assessment, any questions and see the Assessment report.  As in real life projects, any aspect can be amended and the report is updated to reflect this.


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