Nagios plugin check_sieve

Sieve is one of those essentials to managing our emails, this Nagios plugin ensures it's always available.

Although there have been no failures of the software to date, we wanted to monitor availability and automate the fixing of issues should they arise.  As there appeared to be no existing plugin we wrote our own using the well engineered and documented perl module infrastructure made available by Nagios, followed by. a Python plugin  In keeping with open software we offer the plugins in the hope that they might be useful.


check_sieve -H localhost -P 4190 -w 5 -c 10

Returns a warning if the response is greater than 5 seconds,
or a critical error if it is greater than 10.

Nagios and Icinga plugin to check SIEVE daemon is running as per rfc 5804

Options include
-4 for IPv4
-6 for IPv6

On success, returns the time, version and supported implementations

Python version

Python version 2.7 tested

Python version 3 support thanks to Dunedin

Perl version

Requires the following

It's been fully tested with the excellent dbmail sieve daemon (3.x) that we are running here using Python (2.7) and perl (5.14 & 5.16) though it should work with any rfc5804 sieve daemon.

Change log

2015-07-19 Python 3 support added & style fixes (Dunedin)
2014-08-31 Python version released
2014-01-08 Dual license AL2/GPL3
2013-03-25 Reduced output enabling single line display
2013-03-21 Version 1 released

By Alan Hicks