Blogs and Mailing lists

Generating and maintaining interest with a blog or newsletter is a great way of sharing information with a receptive audience. It's possible to develop and express information and ideas with fewer space constraints.

Tell them more to Sell them more

An easy to use and reliable blog or Mailing List manager can help in a number of ways. It takes the cost and hassle out of administration as people can opt-in and out at will, also blog feeds and bounce management for mailing lists are automatic so the target distribution is more likely to be up to date, relevant and receptive.

Tweets are great, though at 140 characters limit what can be said.  Blogs offer scope to say something interesting and link to more information.  Newsletters offer an opportunity to focus on your message, enhanced with images, background information and other supporting material so you can put your best case forward.

Having an archive is a record of long term commitment, support and an invaluable library of information. Automatic mailing list archiving takes the hassle by doing this as part of the mailing list process, coupled with an easy to use interface to retrieve past emails.

Security is essential and anti-virus, authentication and authorization mechanisms are included.

Group conversations both private and public can also benefit from the facilities offered by a mailing list manager.

In addition to blogs, at Persistent Objects we also offer Sympa as our Mailing List Manager as it is well supported, offers all the features mentioned and is internationalised.