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The great thing about technological choices is there are so many to choose from.  Making sound decisions early on can significantly reduce costs and increase usability, both in the short and long term.  Selecting from existing components, integrating, extending where appropriate and building where necessary you get the best application in the shortest time scale for the minimum cost.

Fastest to market

Running faster is easier with the right techIt's easier to run with the right tech

It's essential to test assumptions and get to market as early as feasible. Any delay and opportunities could be lost. Straightforward, often limited scope, the workhorse of many websites. With minimum budget, fast and affordable is often an excellent place to start.

Fastest to deliver user content

With the right tech you can deliver fasterWith the right tech you can deliver faster

Great service and responsive services make for happy customers, time to load is often reflected in website ranking too. Responsive to peak demands is essential to capturing every opportunity, they cost a lot to deliver so it's essential to capture every one. Adding more servers can go so far, building on existing work by refactoring is often a better way to grow. At the cost of a little complexity it's possible to get much more out of expensive resources including people, technical and promotional.

Less Is More!

Fastest to scale

With the right tech anything's possibleWith the right tech, anything's possible!

As there's a lot more to scale than just adding more widgets, it's essential to understand the issues and the tools to address them. Broadly these are technical where different tools may be more appropriate; logistical where monitoring and management is more important; and business requirements where applications need to evolve into more than initial proof of concept.

Fastest to evolve

If you're in control and with the right tech, the sky's the limit

All software has bugs, business requirements always change and expectations grow. It's helpful to plan for a flexible future, reacting to events whilst following your roadmap.

A technical example

Attention spans are reducing with distractions ever present, so it's essential to focus, give early and ongoing feedback in order to maintain or surpass ever higher expectations. From deferring more time consuming tasks, from initial presentation to post action processing, there's often plenty of scope for improvement.

An example of how these choices affect the complexity, cost and scalability of an application can be seen in this article on increasing performance using queue runners. In light of this, it's useful to plan a roadmap where you want your business to be, together with your team and supporting infrastructure.

The Future's Solid, The Future's Tried, The Future's Tested

With many years of commercial business, marketing and full stack development experience, we are well placed to guide and deliver the most appropriate solution to fulfil your brief, ensure your customers get the best experience and help you get the most from your investment.

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Our ongoing commitment ensures your applications are robust and adapt to changing landscapes ensuring an ongoing high level of excellence for you and your clients.