Multilingual websites

We know marketing, our core is IT and business acumen is our a-做 of bringing them together so you can get the best multilingual website that communicates your products and services to a receptive international audience in a multi-screen format.

Whether it's to support expanding/exporting into new markets or perhaps servicing an international product or service, supporting your export marketing efforts with a multilingual website offering a multitude of benefits including reaching out to and supporting your clients and prospects and the teams that support them.

Python's Django is a great high performance web framework. Mezzanine is an elegant CMS that fits into the Django ecosystem.  It's straightforward to create a high performance multilingual website that's both multi-screen format and easy to use thanks to the Bootstrap framework.

Multilingual doesn't remove the responsibility for translation.  Translating is still best done by a professional translator into their own language who has specific domain expertise.  Professional translations ensure you resonate with your audience and with a clear call to action ensure your export marketing efforts produce results.

Looking to translate your content?
The South African Translators' Institute has an excellent guide.

It's worth clarifying our definition of a multilingual website.  Here we mean a user visits a website that is in one language, and at the click of a button can be transferred to an equivalent page in another language on the same site.

Try our Multilingual demo and see how it works on your desktops, tablet and smart-phone; imagine how much better it would be if it had your messages and your creatives with your products and services.

Many web frameworks offer internationalisation, and Python's Django does so exceptionally well.

Share your finest products and services in an ever shrinking world.

It's straightforward to integrate internationalisation with the Django and Mezzanine cms in an intuitive and easy to use website for users and contributors.  The search engines will find the site friendly too be they Baidu, Google or Yandex.

The contributors get to update the various language sites with ease, site visitors get to switch into their preferred language at the click of a button, and search engines get to index the site as normal.

Find new customers, share your finest products and services and export to them now.

One scenario is where someone whose first language is French has found some information at that they wish to share with a colleague who speaks French but whose first language is Mandarin, they go to the website, click the simplified Chinese button and get to see the page in their preferred language,

They could have used one of the many translation sites but using professional translators, possibly your local marketing staff/agency in one of your target territories, you will get both a higher quality translation, one that better represents your product or service and one that is more under your control.  This can include graphics, contact details or even full applications.  Your export marketing efforts will resonate more too.

The world wants the best of everything, you have the finest there is to offer, meeting in this ever shrinking world brings happiness for all.

With the cloud offering you scalable hosting close to your audience, Google AdWords promoting your products and services and Google Analytics monitoring activity it's now realistic and easier then ever before to test and reach out to new territories and make export marketing more profitable.

For technical details on our open source multilingual website see the companion technical article.

Try the demo, let us show you we know our a-做 of good app development and imagine how your organisation could benefit; contact us now and bring your export marketing with a multilingual website that bit closer.

(verb) zuò do, as in 做买卖 zuò măimai do business.  Try a Google search.  It's also the last single-character in the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary.