Promotion - Raising a site profile

Raising the profile of a site is an ongoing exercise and fortunately many aspects can be free or low cost.

There are two sorts of visitor, those who know you and those who don't. Getting new customers is remarkably difficult and often expensive both in terms of time and money so it is usually cheaper to retain an existing customer and get them to recommend your services and website.

If you have something to say
Whisper it loud and clear and say it now

There are many free or low cost opportunities to help existing customers recommend you, for example every time you contact your customer you can leave them with something they can use whether it is a leaflet, business card or signature on your emails. Social media likes on Facebook and Twitter or +1 on Google+ are invaluable for your customers sharing their recommendations.  If you guarantee your products or services then a written certificate can serve as a reminder of how to contact you.  If you have enough to say then a Catalogue or leaflet may be invaluable.  By adding your website to all your printed material, both as a text link and QR code, then there will be more and easier opportunities to find you.

There is nothing like 'novelty' or 'new' to raise interest, a summer sale, a spring festival a new or enhanced product or service. If you are fortunate to have sufficient content then perhaps a regular newsletter or blog, if this can be integrated into trade or local events then so much the better.

By integrating many of these simple techniques into your daily life and encouraging it in those around you, the effort invested in creating the culture should be easily maintained and benefit everyone.

If you maintain a Social Network page then advertising can be second nature with often immediate feedback, if you serve a locality then Google Maps can advertise your product or service for free or minimal cost.