Smarter is Smaller and more engaging - Smartphones offer freedom, convenience and immediacy

As a smartphone evangelist, it's welcome news that Auntie Beeb recognises that smartphone users engage significantly more that ordinary website users and as a consequence is updating its site to be responsive to all users from thin smartphones to widescreen monitors.  [BBC News 21 January 2015]

Whereas once we might have been broadly content with whatever the BBC and ITV offered, the next generation wants to do more, often does, and does it now before the moment is lost.

It's not hard to engage with the younger generation, called the millennials by some. If it appears difficult it's more likely down to what is said and where they are contacted not matching up with either their interests or expectations rather than because of any lack of interest.

With more channels plus the internet broadening our choices further than we could ever have anticipated and smartphones enabling anyone to engage where and when they want, is it any wonder that these new millennials have moved further and faster than expected leaving a huge disconnect to previous generations.

By raising awareness of this important issue, perhaps people and organisations of a certain generation will take this opportunity to achieve more by engaging more and engaging where they will be better received.  Thank you Auntie Beeb.

Once upon a time there was only one channel, the BBC, in 1955 the introduction of ITV doubled this to two.  It was 1997 before the UK had a grand total of five terrestrial tv channels.

90% of users who own multiple devices switch between screens to complete tasks

People in the UK are media multi-taskers and have integrated their smartphone into their daily lives. Have you integrated your business into theirs?

With multi-screen applications, users benefit from more easily getting stuff done across all touch-points where and when they want with the least effort if they have the convenience of choice. Although most business applications may benefit from a large screen with keyboard and mouse, there are many instances when a smartphone is more appropriate, for example in meetings, whilst travelling, on location or at home where a laptop may be inconvenient. As most well designed applications can be easily adapted for the most appropriate media perhaps yours can too.

Engagement is essential to any customer-centric approach, perhaps starting by integrating Facebook, Twitter and improving your profile with personal recommendations.

Almost everyone uses their smartphone in their daily life. Way back in 2013 over half of all adults in the UK had a smartphone, double that of a previous Ofcom survey in 2011 when only a quarter of adults had one. Are your staff/clients working in the most appropriate format, would you be interested if we could offer a way you could extend your application/website to be more smarphone/tablet friendly. Contact us now for an informal chat to see how we can help you help your clients and staff be more flexible and be where they are.

Sites optimised for multiple screen sizes can have an average of 8% higher RPM and twice the traffic growth rate of sites that aren’t.  In January 2015 the BBC confirmed that App users accounted for 10% of visitors and 40% of page views.

To be successful, an IT project has always needed to focus on what is required, and deliver it well; today's applications need to be available on the move as well as in the office. At Persistent Objects we have been successfully adapting our clients applications and their marketing to embrace the web and have seen impressive results, contact us now to see how we can help you adapt to the web too.